Keeping safe while out on the snowmobile trails

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Last month four snowmobilers from South Dakota were rescued in Wyoming. This after spending several days stranded in the wilderness. Thankfully they were able to survive.

Now, we look into how you can prepare yourself before your next snowmobile trip.

Make sure you wear a helmet, hat, gloves, and extra layers. Make sure you do not wear cotton fabric, as it can get wet then freeze. Also, be sure to pack excess water, fuel, and food along with you.

When taking your snowmobile out on the trail make sure it is in working order.

If you do get stranded don't panic, find shelter, either build one out of the snow, tree branches, or use your snowmobile as a wind blocker. Then find enough wood to build a fire.

"Staying out the wind is important and then hopefully if you have those additional accessories like fire starting equipment or extra gas, you can get yourself a fire going," Ryan Raynor, South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks snowmobile trails coordinator, said. "And stay safe, try and use your GPS and cell phone coverage if you've got it to get out."

Raynor says if you do make a snowmobile trip, be sure to travel with a group.