Keeping your home and car safe during the extreme cold

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The frigid temps across the area could end up causing problems if you are not prepared.

For your home, one of many things to check on would be your water pipes. If you know some of your pipes, especially the ones on the outside walls of your home, could potentially freeze.

Be sure to let your faucet drip and open up your cabinets below to let warm air in near the pipes.

If your pipes do crack, it could end up being costly. If a 1/8 inch crack happens in your pipes, you could end up with problems, such as flooding or mold in your home.

Another big tip, if your home does lose electricity, it often means your furnace shuts off. If that does happen, you have to remember to shut off your water to make sure the pipes don't freeze.

For your car, it could end up breaking down, especially when the cold air sets in. And with life-threatening temperatures, you don't want to be out in the cold long.

It's important to keep your batteries fresh. If your battery is older than five years, make sure to have it changed.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is to keep your oil change up to date.

If you have a garage keep your vehicle inside and if you need to travel anywhere be sure to warm up your car.

If you plan on heading out on a more extended trip, make sure to pack certain items with you just in case.

Water, food, and a survival kit are all items that can be beneficial if you end up getting stuck and keep a full tank of gas.

"Make sure also that you have something that can give you traction in case you get stuck on ice like kitty litter is a good thing to have in your vehicle because it's easy to transport, and it will give you that traction that you need," Marilyn Buskhol, South Dakota AAA public affairs, said. "You know, pack along a small shovel, and you know jumper cables."

Be sure to also pack a hat, gloves, and extra layers in case.