Koalas at Great Plains Zoo heading back to San Diego next week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The beloved koalas at the Great Plains Zoo will not be on summer break in Sioux Falls for much longer.

Burra and Moki have been in town since May from the San Diego Zoo.

But if you have not gotten a chance to see them yet, you still have until Monday, and the zoo is planning a big celebration for them.

"There's only about 10 zoos nationwide that exhibit koalas. Most of those you'll find on the East coast or the West coast," Dan Simon, vice president of operations at the Great Plains Zoo, said. "So, a really unique opportunity for people here, especially in a zoo our size, to come out and see koalas, and an animal perhaps they've never even see before."

People also have a chance to sign a going away banner for the koalas. It will go back with them to the San Diego Zoo.