Korean War hero receives Bronze Star

LUVERNE, M.N. (KSFY) - Minnesota Congressman Tim Walz was in Luverne Saturday morning to honor a war hero.

Sy Lonneman received the Bronze Star Medal for his time serving as a sergeant in the Korean War.

The army sergeant served in Korea from 1952 to 1953.

He received a Purple Heart for his heroic service along with the Bronze Star.

Congressman Walz said when he found out the Bronze Star was simply mailed to Lonneman, he decided to host the special ceremony.

"I always say this is not for Sy, it's a little bit for his family, but it's mostly for all the rest of us to understand what Sy and his generation did to provide us freedom," he said. "It's important to take a day like today to say thank you."

Following the ceremony, the Southwest Minnesota Representative held a roundtabe on veterans affairs in Owatonna.