Lane changes made to Western Avenue construction project

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The project engineer for the construction at 69th Street and Western Avenue said things are running on time. Josh VandenBos said there haven't been any major issues that workers have had to deal with, except for a little bad weather in the beginning.

Drivers will now be able to drive on the newly constructed portion of Western Avenue between 69th Street and Remington Place. This lane change happened early Tuesday morning. Crews have been working on that side of the road the past couple months.

Later on Tuesday, they will start work on the east side of Western Avenue, which will take about three to four weeks to complete. The other part of this project is on 69th Street from Minnesota Avenue to Landau Circle. Crews are working on the south side of the road and will be done with it between early and mid July.

After that, they will start working on the north side of 69th Street. VandenBos said the cones are expected to be gone about the third week of August for this entire project. Crews will still work on sidewalks but the traffic control will be gone.

When the project is completely done, Western Avenue will be widened to five lanes and 69th street will be widened to four lanes with a center median. VandenBos said the project has been going well running on schedule and he hasn't run into too many issues.