Largest rummage sale event in South Dakota back for 40th anniversary

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The Kingswood Rummage Sales start Wednesday and can run through Saturday. This is the 40th anniversary of the big event. Some of the committee members said they don't know who started the organized sales and don't have a record of the sales until the 21st year. There were 226 sales that registered that year. In that year of 1997, all of the listings were typed by hand, printed, and given to each sale that registered to distribute. The sellers were given 10 copies to distribute.

Fast forward to 2018, the sales are now all on the website. Customers are able to go on and search for any item they would like to shop for. Each sale has different hours and a different amount of days they are participating in the event. It's best to search the website of where exactly you want to go as well. You can browse the website here.

Here is a list of tips for bargainers to be respectful while out shopping at the sales:
-Don't show up before the sale is supposed to start
-Carry adequate change. Don't just have large bills.
-Leave the pets at home.
-Don't ask to use a homeowner's bathroom. There are four porta potties provided by the Kingswood Rummage Sales committee in the primary Kingswood area.

Here's a list of tips for sellers to be successful this year:
-Price items clearly.
-Don't overprice items.
-Try not to rush customers out if they're at the sale a few minutes after you're closed. It may pay off in the end.
-Have a place set up with a full-length mirror for shoppers looking at clothes.