Legislators work to get bills passed with less than four weeks left in 2018 legislative session

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Many bills are just getting past the first step in the legislative process to becoming a law in South Dakota. This means many bills are being read in a committee then heading to their respective floor to be voted on by legislators. Many of the bills that were talked about often before the legislative session even started still need some time to reach the Governor's desk to be signed.

Senator Billie Sutton's bill, SB 129, which limits campaign contributions has passed in a senate committee but still needs approval from the full senate and house. This is part of a replacement bill for IM 22.

Governor Daugaard proposed a bill that would continue to restore access to about 30 lakes for public recreation until 2021. That bill is on the senate floor waiting to be voted on. But there is another bill that would do the opposite and repeal that sunset clause. HB 1081 has been passed through the house and now heads to the senate.

The law that would give microbreweries the freedom to brew 30,000 gallons of beer per year and let them sell directly to bars has passed through the senate committee but is waiting on the senate floor to be voted on.