Levitt at the Falls inaugural season exceeds expectations

DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The executive director of Levitt at the Falls, Nancy Halverson, said she expected 20,000 this first year, but 65,000 people actually showed up. The outdoor amphitheater held 30 concerts this first year. Every year from now on, there will be 50 held.

The last concert of the 2019 season was on Saturday with local band, Kory & the Fireflies performing.

"We've learned a lot this first year. So I'm hoping that having our systems in place will make it easier next year, but there's always more to learn and certainly with 50 concerts, it's a lot to take on," Halverson said.

She said many people think since this season is over, it's a time to relax for staff. But it's actually one of the busiest times for them as they go listen to bands, talk to agents and start booking dates for the following year.

This venue is all about bringing people together through music and making a positive impact on the economy, which she believes happened this first year.