LifeLight celebrates 20th anniversary with CityFest & service

Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) The first ever CityFest wrapped up with a community worship service at the Canaries Stadium Sunday morning.

Saturday night, thousands of people filled the stands and the field to hear from major Christian bands like Jeremy Camp and the Newsboys and speakers like Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson, all joining in this new vision for LifeLight.

“The bands, Jeremy Camp, the Newsboys, Sadie all were so excited when they heard that our impact was to reach people that would otherwise never buy a ticket to a concert, never get to go to something like this,” LifeLight Founder and Evangelist Alan Greene said.

For 20 years, LIfeLight has provided a free Christian music festival, most recently at a farm near Worthing.

“We don't have to fight such a huge crowd of 30,000-40,000 people all flocking out to Worthing at the same time, its just right here at home,” CityFest attendees Paige & Brad Ellenbecker said.

This year, LifeLight took a new approach, starting with service.

“We wanted to come together and just serve the city of Sioux Falls,” LifeLight President Josh Brewer said. “140 projects, we've been doing all summer long, all accumulating to this. All leading up this event.”

CityFest was a celebration of all of those service projects, but a big final act of service was held in the parking lot before the music began.

“Volunteers served over 750 meals, free haircuts were given that people stood in long lines for, these were people in the community that we specifically invited,” Greene said.

“People that haven't been able to come were able to come being in the city. Buses were coming in and bringing people,” CityFest volunteer Eric Weber said.

Then thousands of people filled the field during Saturday night's concerts.

“It was really amazing, being this close and seeing all the people,” Weber said.

“There's not a bad seat in the house,” Greene said.

As for the future of CityFest, LifeLight organizers say they are looking forward to hearing what the community wants.

The organization already has several one-day festivals planned at cities across the region and around the world over the next few months.