Local Girl Scouts help deliver Minnehaha County ballot boxes Tuesday

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You can't pull off a massive, statewide election without the help of thousands of volunteers from those 698 precincts to counting the more than 341,000 ballots, Tuesday night.

As KSFY News first shared earlier this week, getting those ballot boxes to the Minnehaha County volunteers counting them was made possible by members of Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons. For the first time this year, they were asked to help.

In years past, the Minnehaha County Auditor's Office counted the ballots after local Boy Scouts delivered them. This year, organizers switched things up.

"The boys have always done it so it's nice it's the girls' turn now," Girl Scout Lilly Wilde said.

Three total Girl Scout troops, including about a dozen girls, got it done. Organizer and County Auditor Bob Litz said they left quite an impression.

"The Girl Scouts were awesome, knocked it out of the park. They hustled. They did everything we could have expected them to do," County Auditor Bob Litz said.

That comes as no surprise to Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons CEO Marla Meyer who said this was not only a new opportunity, but a great one.

"Our girls are often out serving our community and this is just a new way, a new opportunity to do that. They're getting a workout. Those ballot boxes are heavy," CEO Marla Meyer said.

Those boxes were heavy but the Girl Scouts brought the teamwork with them.

"I wasn't expecting the ballot boxes to be as full but it's fun to work with other people to help carry them in," Girl Scout Olivia Dekok said.

"It's an honor for us to do it since we've never done this before," Girl Scout Gabrielle Basche said.

"We certainly appreciate any opportunity we get in our community," Meyer said.

Meyer said these Girl Scouts are always up for a challenge.

"They love a challenge whether it's in the area of leadership, working in their community, STEM projects, we have a lot of go-getters. This is one of the things they do," Meyer said.

One of their next big challenges includes Girl Scout Cookie season sales which begin in late January. To learn more about Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons or how to get involved, visit the related links section of this page.