Local Super Bowl volunteers enjoy their time in Minneapolis

Super Bowl 52 festivities in the Twin Cities are packed with people from all over. Among these people are 10,000 volunteers. You can't get far downtown Minneapolis without spotting someone sporting blue and purple.

About 30,000 people applied to volunteer and only 10,000 were accepted. A lot of their training included making sure they showed off what "Minnesota Nice" really is.

Some volunteers from Sioux Falls say they are very excited to be a part of the fun.

"We're going to help direct traffic around, tell them where the first aid station is, bathrooms, how to get around, but we are also going to watch for any suspicious activity, so we can call it in," Rose Rhead said.

Mary Moffett also made her way to Minneapolis to volunteer. She spoke with KSFY News Reporter Kamie Roesler while wearing her volunteer blue jacket, blue and purple scarf and purple undershirt.

The colors were picked to represent the Northern Lights.

"I like the colors, I am a blue fan, so I am good," she said. She added that being accepted to be a volunteer for the Super Bowl was "an honor."