Local blood centers need more donors after Orlando shooting

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ABERDEEN - People from around the country are coming together to aid the victims of the Orlando shooting in any way they can. And as those injured continue to heal from their wounds they may be getting blood from some local sources.

United blood services says on the day of the shooting they were told to fly units of blood to Orlando for those in the hospital.

As of this afternoon there are still 27 victims of the Orlando shooting still in the hospital, with six in intensive care. The dire needs of the victims are forcing blood centers around the country to help as much as they can.

"I've worked with the united blood services for twelve years and I have not seen this urgent of a need from what I understand," says Jennifer Bredahl, the district director for the United Blood Services.

Volunteers at UBS have been working overtime to work on the orders heading out to Orlando. And donors have been filing in since Sunday.

"I believe we've seen over thirty people here yesterday in our center and today it's been very busy also," says Miranda Nissen, the assistant donor care supervisor for the Aberdeen branch of UBS. "They hear that blood's been shipped and they want to help out."

But the generosity is taking a toll. After sending out supplies to Orlando, their units of blood are depleting quickly.

Every two seconds someone needs blood and during the summer that need is a lot more urgent. People don't donate as much as they should around this time and that's when blood is needed the most.

"We don't have a shelf here in our own center to see everyday, whether we have four units or ten or fifteen," says Nissen. "But we hear it a lot that we need to draw so many people today or we can't supply."

"Going into this summer I've probably been more nervous this summer than any summer before with the high demand of blood utilization and the decline in blood donations that we have seen at a time," says Bredahl.

For now, the United Blood Services are asking residents not to neglect donating blood as they enjoy their summer. You can log onto their website to find a blood donation center near you to donate.