Local company's 'BevBuckle' gets 47 million views on Facebook

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Video of a belt buckle that apparently holds your beer for you has gone viral on Facebook in a matter of hours with more than 47 million views.

It is called the BevBuckle. You may have seen the product on Shark Tank, and you may have even seen video of it shared on Facebook.

It is made by a Sioux Falls company.

Before the video went public on the Facebook page 'VT', sales were slow, but steady.

"Went to the national hardware show in May, ended up getting retailers choice," Director of Business Development Heidi Hall said.

Hall works with her team in Sioux Falls, but as she explains it is only been a year.

"In November of 2016, our owner was watching a rerun of Shark Tank, seeing the BevBuckle," she said. "He went to go and buy one, was unable to buy one, went to investor relations, saw the company was for sale, and thought it was a fun company to have. We have taken over at that point."

The BevBuckle is sold on Amazon and in a few stores nationwide,
but they credit the power of social media -- specifically VT.

"We've been talking to them about doing a video," Hall said. "A couple of months ago, they grabbed some buckles, created a video and now we're here today."

Thursday afternoon -- VT changed everything.

"45 million views on Facebook," she said.

45 million -- and counting.

"We all were just kind of freaking out. We didn't know [VT] was going to post it the time they did post it," Hall said. "Minutes after it was posted, there was already hundreds of thousands of views. Everyone here was just running around. We have not slept very much in the last 24 hours. We've been trying to fill orders as fast as we can."

Now, sales are taking off, and the team is trying to keep up.

"We have about $300 in sales every minute," Hall said. "I've been having conference calls with our manufacturers. He's trying to get more people to help. More machines to get more buckles produced as fast as we can."

Last KSFY News checked, the view count has hit well over 55 million.

If you are looking to buy a BevBuckle -- good luck. As Hall said, they are working quickly to fill orders.