Local students take off for Washington, D.C. for inauguration

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - About 60 students at Harrisburg North Middle School left for Washington D.C. Wednesday morning to watch Donald Trump get sworn in as president. The 8th grade American History teacher at the school, Tamra Huffman, plans a trip to Washington, D.C. every two years to give her students a chance to experience history outside of the classroom. She planned this year's trip to fall during the inauguration.

Senator John Thune's office helped secure tickets to the inauguration for the class. The principal of the middle school, Micah Fesler, said he's proud to have teachers like Mrs. Huffman on his staff to create once in a lifetime opportunities like this.

This trip has been in the making for at least two years and the students realize how special of an experience it really is.

"It's a once in a lifetime kind of thing I think," said Josh Olson, who is an 8th grader. "Especially for the inauguration of Trump who has never been for anything politically really," he continued.

"It's not everyday that you get to go see a president become the president," said Evelynn Ducheneaux, an 8th grader at the middle school. "That's a really rare thing and it only happens- it's like a once in a lifetime thing."

The students will take a bus around the city and visit a variety of tourist attractions including the Smithsonian, Ford's Theatre, and Arlington National Cemetery. The main attraction of the trip is the inauguration on Friday though. The students will be on Constitution Avenue to watch the parade and performances. You can follow them on their trip by looking up the hashtag #HNMSpride.