Local veterans ride to annual ceremony in style thanks to Adrian School students

Every Veterans Day, the Adrian School community hosts a special ceremony. This year, thanks to students and area businesses, local veterans got a ride to and from that event in style.

It was a way to show their support for the sacrifices veterans and their families make for our freedom.

"I've never ridden in a stretch hummer either. We appreciate what they're all doing for us," Veteran Herman Boltjes said.

Adrian seniors Brady Henning and Hannah Bullerman are two, of the many students, who raised money to make the ride possible.

"We went around to local businesses, we asked them for a $100 donation to fund the limo. We also contacted the local veterans to see if they wanted to ride in the limo," they said. "Everyone was willing to give. Nobody turned us down. Some of our teachers donated money because they're so willing to help out."

Turns out, that ride was something the vets will never forget.

"They were very excited to do this. When we picked them up, they said 'this is so awesome'," Bullerman said.

Boltjes said that ride was just one part of a very special day in Adrian.

"I'm a janitor at the elementary school. The kids come up all year long and thank me for my service. Makes a guy feel good in the heart. They need to know what us veterans go through for the freedoms they have," Boltjes said.

That gratitude extends both ways.

"To know we're doing something special for community veterans, giving back to them," Henning said. "They put their lives on the line for us. This is the least that we could do."