Love Your Melon raises money for Pediatric Cancer

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'Love Your Melon' is a Minneapolis based organization initially created to put a hat on the head of every child suffering from pediatric cancer in America.

After giving away 45,000 hats, the Owners decided to do more. Now, hats with University logos are bring sold on the website, and two South Dakota schools are participating.

"I'm a big fan of the Love Your Melon Campaign because I had cancer," said Nicole Phillips, wife of new NSU Mens Head Basketball Saul Phillips.

Nicole Phillips is new to Aberdeen, but that's not stopping her from becoming a part of the northeast South Dakota community.

"I know that people who are going through pediatric cancer with their family are super grateful for the support that they see," Phillips said.

She can't wait to wear her "Love Your Melon' NSU hat this Winter.

"Love Your Melon was started down in Minneapolis, and they raise funds for pediatric cancer, and at Northern, we're very much tied to fundraising for cancer initiatives," said Justin Fraase, the Director of Communication for Northern State University.

Northern State University is the first public institution in South Dakota to announce a partnership with 'Love Your Melon', adding to two other actions the University already takes to help raise money for cancer.

"We have our blackout cancer game, and then we also have a cancer tree, it's a ribbon tree on campus," Fraase said.

This commitment to help support cancer research, the patients and their families is why Nicole Phillips is excited to have the ;Love Your Melon' hats spread across Northeast South Dakota.

"What I found as a breast cancer survivor is that any sort of support that people showed me, I was very grateful for," Phillips said.

She is eager to see how the 'Love Your Melon' Collegiate line expands in the near future.

"They have so many great products, I would love to see it expand throughout all their product line, I think that would be a really cool partnership," Phillips said.

The University of South Dakota is the other school participating in the fundraising efforts.

There are only a handful of the NSU hats left for sale, but school leaders expect the organization to make more in the near future.