Lyft deactivates attempted murderer approved to drive in Mitchell

MITCHELL, S.D. (KSFY) - Lyft has deactivated the driver convicted of attempted murder who was recently approved to drive in Mitchell.

The city council unanimously ok'd Joseph Novak's Lyft application Tuesday night.

He was in prison for 15 years following his conviction in 1992.

Novak said he served his time and just wants to work.

But on Thursday, a Lyft spokesman told KSFY News:

"The law in South Dakota governing transportation network companies requires a look-back period of seven years for offenses when conducting a background check. Given that the offense in question occurred outside of this look-back period, it did not immediately disqualify this individual to drive under state law. However, after reviewing this case and considering the nature of this offense, we have elected to deactivate this driver."