Lyft drivers react to Uber making its way to town

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Uber is planning to start operations in Sioux Falls possibly within the next month. Just this week the ride-share company received its sales tax license from the state of South Dakota.

Uber currently serves 75,000,000 riders with 3,000,000 drivers. With Uber making its way to town Lyft drivers said this really isn't going to have an impact on them because they'll eventually start driving for both companies.

You can't start driving with Uber just yet. Uber's making its entrance into the Sioux Falls market and the first step for the company to get in was to receive their sales tax license from the state which hints that they'll be making their debut soon.

Lyft drivers in the area believe it'll be another way to get people where they need to go.

"When Uber gets here it's going to obviously provide a choice for the customer to be able to have the ability to switch back and forth and go which way they want to go," Lyft and Uber driver, Nylis Renschler said.

"I think it's going to help out a lot of the people that come in from out of town especially. A lot of other states are familiar with using Uber and I know on more than one occasion there's been passengers that have said well I realize you guys don't have Uber here so that will give them another option that they can utilize," Lyft driver, Matt Brinkman said.

Nylis Renschler drives for Uber on occasion when he's in Nebraska and Iowa since South Dakota still doesn't have it. He said it gives him more flexibility while driving.

"They might see that as a benefit so that they can have a chance to switch back and forth if they're slow on one they might get rides on the other," Renschler said.

With the amount of drivers Lyft already has in Sioux Falls some wonder what will happen when more drivers start with Uber.

"It's really not going to change a whole lot because we have a good amount of drivers we have a lot of passengers that already utilize Lyft and have been for the last year and half so that's pretty much got a good foot hold in Sioux Falls and it's been helping out the market," Brinkman said.

"Having Uber here will give another option to the people that are here that have been using Lyft for the last year and a half most of them love it so they'll probably keep using Lyft," Brinkman added.

Renschler said it can be hard getting rides in this market since it's not as big as say Chicago, but adding another rideshare service shouldn't interrupt how much a driver can make in a day.

The ride-share service will be the second in the Sioux Falls area as Lyft made its appearance in October of 2017.