Lyon County Sheriff's office gives more details on Iowa helicopter crash

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Inwood, I.A. - Two people are in the hospital with serious injuries Monday, following a helicopter crash in northwest Iowa. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office confirmed to KSFY that the helicopter went down around 1:20 Monday afternoon in a field near West Lyon High School in Inwood

Photo Courtesy: KIWA Radio

Authorities put up crime scene tape and blocked off the area. Lyon County Sheriff Stewart VanderStoep said the helicopter was helping crews on the ground search for 300 head of cattle on the loose in the area when it hit a power line and crashed. Sheriff VanderStoep said the two men in the helicopter have serious injuries. He said the helicopter belonged to a private agency and was hired by the farmer to search for the cattle.

“We do have cattle loose quite a bit. 300 at the same time, that's pretty rare, but we do go probably every two weeks, we'll get a call that there's some cattle out. Usually we figure out who they belong to by calling farmers in the area, Sheriff VanderStoep said.

The Federal Aviation Administration is scheduled to arrive at the scene of the crash Tuesday morning. The Lyon county sheriff said he hopes to have more information after that. Sheriff VanderStoep said the city of Rock Rapids was without power for about 10 minutes following the crash.

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