Made in SD: Local chiropractor invents Zzz Pal pillow

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - If you have ever had a newborn baby, you probably know the pain of falling asleep sitting up. If you have fallen asleep in a car or on a plane, you also may have woken up with a pain in your neck.

A Sioux Falls chiropractor, mom and inventor is trying to help this from happening.

Dr. Christine Duncan is the founder of Zzz Pal pillows. The idea started when Duncan had a newborn of her own. She says she was always putting rolled up blankets on the sides of her pillow in case she fell asleep.

She knew there had to be a solution.

"I think you talk to any mom about how you can make their life easier with a newborn, they are like 'okay I'm listening,'" she said.

Moms are listening and buying these new pillows. The unique design is actually quite simple.

"The wings are there to hold your head in place. We have a pocket for the head to fit into, and then the neck roll. It's better to sleep with your head back. If you put it behind your head, it keeps the correct cervical curve in your neck that you are supposed to have posturally," she said

Her chiropractic credentials give a lot of credibility to the product. Her family, whom she works with is all on board with her invention.

The pillows right now are sewn by different people in Sioux Falls, but Duncan says it won't be long before demand will force a change.

"It's great we get to keep it all local for now. We will have to expand. We have some larger facilities we have been in contact with for when it gets bigger than we can handle," she said.

Zzz Pal pillows have been around for a year now, and you can find them in many stores already. In Sioux Falls they can be found at Scheels, Elegant Mommy, Eddy Joy Baby Boutique, Tiny Toes, Fringe Salon, Sanford Home Medical Offices and Lanpher Chiropractic.

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