Made in South Dakota: Dakota Stoneware Pottery

BUSHNELL, S.D. (KSFY) - Pottery is seen in stores and at shows all over the country, but often times, we might not think about just where it's made. David Huebner is a talented potter from Bushnell.

It's a town of less than 70 people, but that didn't stop Dave. He spotted a location on Main Street in the late 1970's, and his shop has been in the same spot ever since.

Dave went to school at SDSU. He got his start in art while working as a billboard painter to pay off college. After that, he found his future home.

"We (Dave and his wife) were driving down this highway and there was a sign that said Bushnell, so we just took a loop through town, and there was a light on in front of a store that was all boarded up. We came back the next day and bought the building for $3,000," he said.

He and his late wife started Dakota Stoneware Pottery. They added living quarters in the back, and business began, but not really in Bushnell.

"Hardly anyone in Bushnell wants any pottery," he said.

He does shows all over, and he also sells on the internet.

"I supply about 20 shops. I do a lot of commemorative things. You can see up there on the shelf. I sell a lot of these goofy little animals. I make them when I'm at shows, and all these shops want something they can sell to kids that wasn't made in China," he said.

He spends a lot of time at historic programs, dressing up as historic figures and educating people.

"I do programs on the history of pottery, on Native American pottery," he said.

He even was contacted by The Discovery Channel's 'How It's Made' to show how historic Native American clay pipes were made. He says only his hands made the episode.