Made in South Dakota: Dakota Grills

Dakota Grills has been around for more than a decade. It started when Wally Sorenson decided he was sick of eating dried out meat. Its unique design sets it apart from the rest.

Dakota Grills can be easily operated, and limited air flow to the meat on the grill keeps it juicy. The meat can also sit on the grill for a long period of time and not go bad.

"There is no insulated grill on the market except ours. It is unique. It is patented," Wally said.

Since starting manufacturing 12 years ago, Wally's son, Adam, has taken over the business.

"I did electrical engineering, computer science and computer physics," Adam said.

He has used his studies at SDSU to make an electronics system for the grill. You simply put a probe into the meat, so it cooks to the temperature you prefer. Once the meat is cooked, the grill goes into a warming mode. Meat never needs to be flipped while on a Dakota grill.

"Their not tethered to the grill. They can throw something on, do whatever they need to do. They can run to the store, go work in the field, go deal with livestock, whatever, and they might not even know how long they are going to be gone," Adam said.

The grill also has a smoker option, and Dakota Grills do offer an indoor grill. The limited airflow keeps meat tender.

"I like to get the cheap cuts. On the grill they will cook almost just as well as an expensive cut, so I might just as well save the extra money," Adam said.

Dakota Grills makes its own seasoning as well. The Sorenson's say they have received several 1st place awards at the South Dakota State Fair for meat cooked on their Dakota Grill.

"This seasoning was specifically designed for steak, fish, eggs if you like scrambled eggs, and I also like it on my popcorn," Adam said.

If you are interested in seeing what a Dakota Grill does first-hand. Check out the Sorenson's at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Ia from September 9-17.

For a closer look at the grills, see the attached website.