Made in South Dakota: Local woman takes on third business in Spunky Fluff

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - "I started Prairie Dance metal art company 20 years ago. That started at the Sidewalk Arts Festival, and it quickly became a pretty serious presence in my life," Prairie Dance founder Terri Schuver said.

It remains pretty serious for Schuver, though now she has three businesses in the East Bank neighborhood of Sioux Falls. Not long after the metal art company started rolling two decades ago, Terri opened her store, Sticks and Steel at 8th and Railroad Center in downtown.

Now, her latest venture is Spunky Fluff. It's a wood, wall art company. Terri and her team now create fun cutout phrases to hang on the wall. Spunky Fluff also specializes in colorful, spunky magnets, that actually go well with her metal art company.

Spunky Fluff's products are actually made right across the street from Sticks and Steel.

"We are in the lower level of the Crane building," Terri said.

The wall art is something Sticks and Steel has always carried, but before, it was made in Colorado.

"We've hired several (people), bringing this company to Sioux Falls. There's probably 20 of us right now," Terri said.

The art is made with a laser. The laser has only been up and running for about a month.

Right now, in honor of Garth Brooks, Sticks and Steel has a few raffles going, raffling off some wall art with lyrics from some of Garth's songs.

"There was a call put out, or a question asked on social media. 'Who's doing something to promote Sioux Falls and Garth and Trisha's visit.' We were like "We will! We can do custom signs," and we have had great customer response to them," Terri said.

The signs have been a hit so far, so we'll see if they catch the country singers' eyes.

For more information on all three businesses. Check out the attached links. There is also a map attached, so you can find Sticks and Steel in downtown.