Parmelee star quilt business offers jobs in small town

(KSFY) - They are colorful, custom quilts, handmade in South Dakota. A Parmelee business employees 8-10 people, and Cheryl Bartlett, the founder of Harvest Winds LLC, says it's something the community needed.

"I've been in the community a long time, and there has been an opportunity at different points through that era, that people need economic development and jobs for that area," Bartlett said.

She started Harvest Winds LLC four years ago.

"Parmelee is about 500, 600 people," she said. "We have people who are from age 16 to 70 that work there, [Harvest Winds LLC] men and women," she said.

Bartlett says she really wanted a place in town her employees could get to easily.

"Transportation is a big issue on the reservation, so if they don't have to pay someone out of their paycheck like a taxi, they are more interested in helping with this," she said.

The workers design and sew together star quilts for customers all over the state and now the country. Some of the quilts have even made their way to Europe.

Pot holders, quilts and pillows are the options.

"We do sell to businesses across South Dakota and Colorado, and they order from us on a whole sale basis," she said.

She says business continues to be a success.

"Every year we have been able to grow," she said.

You can check out Harvest Winds LLC at the attached link, or call at (605) 747-2454.