Made in South Dakota: Rowdy Hog Smokin' BBQ

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Who has the best ribs in town? It's a question many bigger cities have. What about in Sioux Falls?

There are a few good local options, but Rowdy Hog Smokin' BBQ is vying for that top spot. The Rowdy Hog opened its restaurant in 2013.

"This trophy here was Ribfest last year 2016. We were second place against all the national boys. Out of seven teams, we beat all of them besides one," founder Mark Lambert said.

In 2016, Rowdy Hog Smokin' BBQ was the only local vendor at RibFest in Sioux Falls. The company began because Lambert was always playing around with barbecue sauces.

"In 2007 I started playing with BBQ sauces. In 2008 I created the mild, which is the sauce we won our first championship with in 2009," he said.

After that came the catering business, then the restaurant.

"This is all homeade. This is created by a South Dakota boy, born and raised in Sioux Falls," he said.

Lambert says he started the restaurant because his 3 boys actually pursuaded him to. This isn't even his full-time job.

"My day starts at about 5 a.m. Then I actually go to Rude Transportation, and come back at about 5 and work until 8 or 9 in the evening," Lambert said.

Going on nearly four years, business is flourishing. He says quality plays a big role.

"We get all of our meat from Staber Meats out of Sioux City, Iowa. They deliver twice a week to us. Everything is fresh that comes to us, the brisket, the pork butt, the St. Louis Style Ribs. We get all of that stuff from Staber Meats. They are one of the providers where we can buy it fresh. We never buy frozen," he said.

Rowdy Hog has its smoker parked out back.

"You know if something has been frozen, you have a little bit of that taste. A lot of people maybe can't taste it, but I can, so we stick with the fresh," he said.

Weddings and catering have really taken over. Rowdy Hog has only five employees, but Lambert says it works, simply because they all work hard.

"We have weddings pretty much every weekend. We have two this weekend. My son will be doing one this weekend in Lake Herman, and I will be doing one in Sioux Falls," he said.

Plus of course, the restaurant will be opened as well. Right now the location on Marion Road in Sioux Falls is where you can get your rib fix, but Mark does say expansion is hopeful in the future.

Check out Rowdy Hog's website and Facebook page for deals and more information.