Made in South Dakota: Screenflair allows a new way of customization

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Enamore Products in Sioux Falls has launched a new patented product called Screenflair. It's a new line of colorful and reusable screen protectors for all styles of phones.

The idea derived from Cimarron Label owner, Randy Cowan. He says he walked into a phone store one day to get his phone screen protector and thought, "it would be easy to put a label on here."

That was two years ago, and now Screenflair has more than 200 designs and is open for business online.

Each screen protector is custom-fitted to specific smartphone models and doesn't leave behind residue. It also can be re-used. The screens protect the phone from scratches, but they also feature fun borders, logos to lay over your phone or both. The design is subtle but noticeable.

Screenflair is based in Sioux Falls because the printer quality at Cimarron Label is top notch.

"The printer they are on is actually serial number 1. Until this machine came along, no one has really been able to do customized screen protectors just because of the material and everything else," Screenflair employee Matt Entringer said.

If you are interested in one of these screen protectors, check out the attached links.

The screens cost less than $10.