Madison artist sells unique eagle prints to help Sioux Falls family

She's an artist, an animal lover, Miss South Dakota of 1971, and a very giving soul. Sue Thelen is using her talents to help a Sioux Falls 5 year old.

A unique pastel painted eagle is one of Sue's latest pieces of work. She now calls it "Natallie's Eagle." Natallie Baker is a Sioux Falls girl who once suffered from 20-30 seizures a day.

"On my website there is a page called Natallie's Eagle, and there it tells all about Natallie's family's struggle with her severe seizure disorder. There they can order a print or just donate," Thelen said.

A $75 or more donation will get you an eagle print.

She first heard about Natallie and the Baker family through the Sioux Falls Police Department. Sue's son and Natallie's dad both are officers with SFPD.

"They are such a brotherhood. They really rally around each other, and they are really there to help out," she said.

She said her eagle painting had first been a tribute to police, but now it shares two purposes, praising the work of police officers and helping Natallie.

In honor of the police, the eagle has a blue stripe on its head, but Sue says that can be changed to any color. There is also a Bible verse on the painting.

The painting will help with Natallie's medicine costs, overnight nursing expenses, hospital visits and much more.

"She has been through a lot, and we are thankful that she's here," Natallie's dad Ryan said.

Natallie still has seizures daily, but Ryan says they are not as bad as they once were.

For more on Natallie's story, see the attached links.