Making the first day back to school special

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Many students are headed back to school soon and Steff Holtrop from Hood Magazine gives some ideas on how to remember your child's first day back and some gift ideas for their teacher. Holtrop suggests making some type of board that your child can hold in a first day of school picture. One board reads "1st Day of __ Grade" and each year, you can write in chalk what year your child is in. The other board is more detailed to show what the student's "favorites" are for that year.

Many people tend to give teachers a gift at the end of the year, but Holtrop suggests starting the year off on the right foot by giving one at the beginning. One gift idea is to give them a bottle of hand sanitizer with the teacher's name followed by "Germ Juice" written on it in stickers. You can watch the video above to get the full details on these gifts as well as more gift ideas.

Holtrop also talked about some ways to save money on school supplies while she was on the KSFY Morning News as well as what to do if your child is home alone after school. Hood Magazine's August issue is all about back to school and can be found in the related links section of this article.