Man robbed at gun point at his home


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Sioux Falls police are searching for two suspects following a Tuesday night robbery.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens said officers were called the 1000 block of South Duluth Avenue around 9 p.m. Clemen said a 33-year-old male victim reported that a woman, he knew, and an unknown man stole his wallet at gunpoint.

Clemens said the victim let the woman into his apartment. Once she entered the apartment, Clemens said the woman began to act suspicious, walking around the apartment and asking if anyone else was inside.

After the victim told the woman no one else was in the apartment, Clemens said the woman opened the front door and an unknown man pulled out a gun and asked for cash. The man also hit the victim in the head with the gun.

Clemens said the woman and the unknown man left with the victim's wallet and was last seen in a black SUV.

Police said the victim went to the hospital for a minor cut on his head.