Man stopped in South Dakota with body in his car had restraining order

(KSFY) - The man who was found with a body in his vehicle after a high-speed chase in western South Dakota had a restraining order against him.

According to documents obtained by KSFY News, an adult woman filed the restraining order against Tosten David Walsh Lommen of Santa Cruz, California on November 30, 2015.

The woman said she used to live with and date Lommen. She did not want him to contact or touch herself, two family members or a friend in any way.

Lommen was to stay at least 100 yards away from her home, workplace and vehicle in addition to herself, the family members and friend.

She also asked for the rights to record any instances where Lommen tried to communicate with her.

The woman said Lommen needed "to go to a rehabilitation facility and regularly attend AA meetings and stay clean and sober for at least a year before contact," according to the restraining order.

She also described two instances where Lommen allegedly abused her.

During an incident in April 2015 described in the documents, the woman said Lommen hit her with a broom, threatened her with a weed whacker and threw her down the stairs before dousing her and her home with gasoline and threatening to light a fire. She received bruises and scratches from the incident.

During another incident in June 2013 described in the documents, the woman said she and Lommen traveled to Las Vegas where he allegedly beat her up and broke her collar bone after throwing a chair at her. She additionally received a black eye and some cuts and bruises.

The woman also described an incident from November 19, 2015 where she was not present. According to documents, Lommen was stopped by authorities for driving erratically and was arrested. Police found multiple weapons in the vehicle and the woman's old driver's license.

He allegedly told officers he believed ISIS had killed the woman, though she said they had spoken the week before, according to the restraining order. Officers released Lommen and confirmed with the woman's family that she was alive.

The woman also said Lommen had previously cut her with broken glass, poured hot oil on her, choked her until she passed out and held a gun to head.

Authorities have not confirmed to KSFY News if the woman who filed the restraining order was the person found dead in Lommen's car.