Man who swims in Sioux Falls floodwaters speaks out

Sioux Falls, S.D. - A video of a man jumping into Thursday’s flooded waters in Sioux Falls is making its way around social media.

Kyler Downey is okay after Thursday’s incident.

He tells KSFY News he made the video as something fun for him and his friends, but he said he never thought first responders would be called in or that the situation would have turned so serious.

“It’s not a joke because it’s a very serious matter, but at the time it was supposed to just be funny, crazy, stupid, but it got very serious very fast,” Downey said.

Flood waters raged Thursday afternoon throughout Sioux Falls.

Videos made their way around social media, but one stands out.

“I never thought that anything would come about it,” Downey said. “I figured I’d go home have a story to tell and carry on with my day.”

But, a woman saw Kyler go into the water and not come back out.

She called 911 and water rescue teams responded

“The cops where already at my apartment complex and I just ran out and immediately told them what had happened,” Downey said. “I showed them the video.”

“Obviously a lot of resources were deployed there and expended there, but we do have to respond to all of those calls whether they are the real thing,” Sioux Falls Emergency Manager Regan Smith said. “The public if they view something they are going to call it in. Don’t purposely enter the water way. That’s really ridiculous.”

Kyler said this situation and what it's become was never his intention.

“I feel really bad,” Downey said. “I definitely apologize to the people who took the time and were going to put their lives on the line for somebody who just wasn’t thinking about the whole situation.”

He said doesn't want people to judge him on those 60 seconds.

“I’m always the guy that will stop and help somebody,” Downey said. “I don’t want to be the guy who took fathers away and took mothers away. I’m just thankful that nobody got hurt.”

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said there is nothing illegal about swimming in the river or the creek, but said they advise against it during a flood because it isn't safe.