Many people get muddy for a great cause in Brandon

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) -- In Brandon Saturday, many people came out to get muddy for a great cause.

Circuit Fitness set up the Gauntlet obstacle course at the Brandon Valley Middle School to raise money for the Brandon food pantry.

"We have mud pits that people are crawling through, we have rope swings like Tarzan they have to go across, we have bales they have to jump over, we have walls they have to climb and go around, we have monkey bars and rock carries they have to do. A bunch of different stuff they have to do to test their strength, their endurance, stamina, and mental strength. It's just a fantastic time," Jordan Mitzel, Co-founder of Circuit Fitness in Brandon.

Many participants made their way through the course several times, getting in a great workout while helping to provide food to people in need in the Brandon community.