Made in SD: Marnie's Naturals offers more than 70 products

It's a part time job that could definitely be a full time business for Marnie Scott.

"I buy an herb and then I research it. I'm probably the only person who reads a book on Magnesium, or on one nutrient, one mineral," she said.

Her natural based products can be found at Pomegranate Market and Elegant Mommy in Sioux Falls. You can also find them online. She says she tries them out first on herself, and that's how she knows if the products will be beneficial to her clientele.

"I think I used it first, and go 'that helped' me. I won't forget the fact of what it did for me," she said about testing out new products.

It all started in 2009 when she would just make lip balm for her massage clients. For her full-time job, she is a masseuse.

"I have to love my products," she said.

Now, it's a lot more than just lip balm.

Elegant Mommy in Sioux Falls carries all 70 + of Marnie's Naturals' products.

"It just sells, everyone loves it. Our best seller is called Heal up," assistant manager Heather Reed said.

"Heal up is my very best seller. It's kind of like a natural triple antibiotic. It's got lavendar, chammomile and tea tree. I have the longest list of what it helps. It's kind of the running joke in our house, kids are like 'mom' I'm like put some heal up on it," Marnie said.

She says sales are very good, and she hopes to have a storefront someday.

"People are usually shocked like 'you make that? how do you make that?,'" she said.

She puts a lot of passion into the process. She even has her kids involved. Her middle-school son already is selling his own foot powder. She says making her products in South Dakota - plays a big role in her success.

"It's been a success because of the people here. The stores have been very open and willing, any new product I have, 'yup we will take it,'" she said.

You can get her products online. The link is attached.