Midco Aquatic Center makes a big splash during first week

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SIOUX FALLS. SD. (KSFY) Its been 10 days since the Midco Aquatic Center has been open for use to the public.

The 60 year project has families from Sioux Falls and surrounding cities spending the day in the water.

"It's a definite plus for Sioux Falls," said Sioux Falls resident, Sue Aderhold.

The Midco Aquatic Center is just one week removed from its opening day- and already the center is surpassing expectations.

In the first week-the water center drew in over 2,000 people for a swim and 600 others in for a tour.

"We are trying to really reach all different kinds of demographics and programs so that we have a lot things going on and a lot of things happening to encourage people to come join us at the Midco Aquatic Center," said recreation coordinator, Jean Pearson.

Many people in the community say the $24 million indoor facility was a great investment for Sioux Falls.

"The outdoor pool was wonderful but this is so much better and it's so much more useful. It's such a much better investment for the city to get into something like this rather than something that can only be used during the summer," said Sioux Falls resident, John Wightman.

Many families have already purchased a season pass to enjoy the facility all winter long.

"We just freeze in the winter and you know if you are not sledding down the hill out here, there's nothing else to do. Now, you can go sled down the hill and come over here and swim afterwards," added Wightman.

Others are excited about adding another form of exercise to their routine.

"It certainly promotes health and well being and swimming is an activity or water activities are something most people if not all people can do," state Aderhold.

"We get a little bit of everybody and it's a very welcoming place. A place for everyone to come in and enjoy, socialize and take in some fitness as well," added Pearson.