Minneapolis police looking out for fake Super Bowl tickets, merchandise

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (KSFY) - Kick-off at the 52nd Super Bowl is now less than 72 hours away, and last-minute ticket buyers are going to pay a pretty penny of more than $3,000.

At this price, getting scammed is something no consumer wants. KSFY News reporter Kamie Roesler spoke with police in Minneapolis where they say people will get turned away again this year for having fake tickets.

I spoke with Minneapolis Police Officer Kim Lund who deals with fraudulent tickets, and she said in the last home playoff game for the Vikings, she probably saw 200 fake tickets, and in a big game like that, that is a lot of money.

But it's not only tickets. Take a look at this apparel, does it look authentic to you? Most of it did to me, but it is all fake.

Minneapolis police said they have already seen vendors they suspect are selling unlicensed sports items in downtown before the Super Bowl. Homeland Security Investigators are keeping an eye out for this, as well as those fake tickets.

"Please, please, please get the message out not to purchase tickets on Craigslist, or you will be seeing me on Sunday," Kim Lund with the Minneapolis Police Department said.

"As you can see the front of the ticket has a full polymer graphic that you can feel, the trophy dots and the NFL shield logo," NFL Senior Council of Legal Affairs Michael Buchwald said. "Importantly, though, on the back of each ticket is a true color security label. This year with the Minneapolis skyline, the '52' roman numerals and the Wilson football with the Super Bowl 52 logo."

Special ink is used on the back, so the U.S. Bank Stadium on the bottom actually fades when a heat source is applied to it.

Those are just some of the ways sports fans can check their tickets if they have some or plan to buy some yet.

The best way to do this is to use established ticket retailers to purchase tickets. Craigslist, Facebook and scalpers are not the best options.