Minnehaha County Commission takes public input on Badlands Motor Speedway

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A possible setback for the sale of Badlands Motor Speedway. An upcoming auction has been suspended

Racing fans in Brandon and surrounding towns are concerned after a letter from the Minnehaha County Planning and Zoning director says a conditional use permit will be needed for any races to continue at Badlands Motor Speedway.

People who support and even oppose the track continuing its operations voiced their opinions at the Minnehaha County Commission meeting. Commissioners made it clear this is an issue for the Planning and Zoning Committee but didn't stop public input.

Larry Auringer from Sioux Falls told the commission, "For years and years there's been anywhere from three, to five, to eight to 12,000 people attending a race at each event. Each one of those people pay for their ticket. They buy hot dogs, they buy beer. They buy pop. They buy t-shirts. There's a huge economic impact for the tax base for the race track as well as residual affects for Brandon."

But those who oppose the idea of restarting operations say they're not opposed to racing. They're opposed to the noise and the way the track has been managed over the last few years.

"Could be controlled a bit more and they could have limited hours. I just feel that it's a violation of the noise policy, the ordinance and I would appreciate more consideration as to the community," rural Minnehaha County resident Mary Niedringhaus said.

The speedway was supposed to go to auction next week.
We'll keep you posted.