Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office asks public to contact them about possible injuries in crash

RENNER, S.D. - According to Sgt. Jeff Barnable, several people may have been injured in the school bus crash that weren't initially reported.

Officers originally responded to the intersection of 258th Street and 476th Avenue, which is near Renner Corner, for a report of an SUV vs. a school bus. It appeared the SUV slid through the stop sign as it was approaching the intersection around 7:30 AM on Tuesday morning. Sgt. Barnable said it looks like the weather is to blame.

Before deputies arrived, children from the bus that was hit were already moved to another bus and transported away for their safety. The bus was from Brandon Valley School District.

No injuries were reported to deputies originally, but Sgt. Barnable said there may have been some people injured that didn't originally report it.

He is asking people that if you have a child that was involved in the accident and was injured to contact them at 605-367-7000.