Minnesota State Patrol rescues those who braved weekend blizzard

PIPESTONE, M.N. (KSFY) - Many of the drivers out chancing the storm quickly found themselves stuck and in need of some help.

That was the case for many motorists in Southwestern Minnesota.
The Minnesota State Patrol had a busy morning recusing stranded drivers. Lieutenant Matt Sorenson helped out eight people before noon in that corner of the state. He says motorists need to take road closures and travel advisories seriously.

“One of the reasons that people don’t understand is we close roads for safety of the people, themselves,” he said. “We want people to be safe. That’s why we determine that roads need to be closed.”

One Minnesota State Trooper recused someone early in the morning that was stuck in the snow overnight. Fortunately, the driver was prepared for this winter weather with food and water in his car.

Lt. Sorenson has some advice for drivers thinking about hitting the road when weather’s this rough, don’t.

“When people go out and get stuck it puts that much [many] more people at risk and delays the cleanup process the next day.”

Thankfully, late-season blizzards like this one mean the snow usually melts away from the roads much sooner.