Minnesota community without power for three days

FULDA, M.N. (KSFY) - The community of Fulda is home to more than 1,000 people, and the majority of the city has been without power for almost three days. Now, the town is working together to give light to those who don't have it.

As the winter winds whipped across much of the area, the aftermath left more than 50 power lines along Minnesota Highway 59 snapped and toppled over; leaving the community without electricity.

"We've been without power since Tuesday evening," Heidi Appel, Fulda, MN resident, and director of nursing at Maple Lawn Senior Care Campus. "And so, since then I decided to pack up the boys, and we ended up going over to the nursing home here in town."

The only lights across the town came from the Maple Lawn Senior Care Campus.

The campus opened as a warming shelter for those looking for a place to stay for a bit.

"I think on Friday morning we had a few people start to show up," Arlan Swanson, Maple Lawn Senior Care Campus, administrator, said. "And we just kind of said, yeah come in, plug in, and get warm because I think even our house at home was down to 52 degrees or something and it's kind of it chills the bones a long ways."

The hum of generators powering homes could be heard on almost every block.

Along with the Senior Care Campus, the city of Fulda brought in a generator to their senior center to create another warming place. Only a handful of people have used the shelter, but if the power does not return...

"If the temperature gets a little cooler tonight, we expect maybe a few more to come down," Julie Burchill, Fulda city clerk, said. "We just invite people, they can bring games down and hang out and play some games. And just get away from the cold house for a while."

The outage is even affecting the city's water tower. The city is now asking residents to conserve water as a generator from Iowa works to power that, as well.

With no school and no power, the Appel family decided to volunteer their time at the Maple Lawn Campus to help entertain residents living there.

"Doing activities," Aiden Appel, Fulda 3rd grader, said.

"Helping the residents stay calm and stuff, playing piano for them, playing games," Caleb Appel, Fulda 6th grader, said.

Some Fulda residents said they have never seen a storm leave their town without power for this long.

The community of Fulda now has power restored as of last night.