Minnesota police officer arrested for assaulting, threatening wife

ADRIAN, Minn. (KSFY) - A Minnesota police officer is facing felony charges after allegedly threatening and assaulting his wife last week.

Photo courtesy of the Nobles County Sheriff's Office

Adrian Police Chief Shawn Langseth tells KSFY News 43-year-old Richard David Bruns is on administrative leave indefinitely, effective immediately.

According to court documents, the incident happened Friday night at the couple's home in Adrian following an evening of drinking.

The victim told authorities she had three beers and Bruns had eight.

She said Bruns was allegedly "snippy" with her and their two children when they arrived home, and an argument started.

Bruns was "raging mad" when he got into the house and asked his wife and 12-year-old son to fight him.

The son "smarted off" to Bruns and ran outside. Bruns followed, and his wife said she then heard a loud noise outside on the porch. Then she heard he son crying.

When she ran to her son, Bruns allegedly began pushing her away with his stomach or chest.

The couple's daughter then came into the room, and the victim told her to run across the street to her grandmother's house and call 911.

After the children left, Bruns and his wife got into another argument about calling the police. She recorded the conversation on her cell phone, according to court documents.

Bruns then allegedly used keys to unlock a gun safe. His wife could be heard yelling at him to put the gun down and get it away from her on the recordning.

He allegedly told her, "Cops come knocking on my door, you’re dead," and that if he was going to go to jail, he was going to "earn it."

She pleaded with him and said she did not want to die. Bruns was then heard on the recording locking the gun safe.

According to court documents, Bruns admitted to police that he and his wife had been having issues for a long time and said he had gone to far during the incident.

He told police he did not think he pointed a gun at his wife.

Authorities seized multiple firearms from the home, including handguns, a rifle and a shotgun. They also found a lock-box style gun safe with two handguns and two loaded magazines inside of it.

The 12-year-old son told police that Bruns never touched him.

Authorities arrested Bruns on second degree assault with a dangerous weapon, intent to terrorize and two counts of domestic assault (a misdemeanor). He was released from Nobles County Jail after posting a $100,000 bond with several conditions, including no contact with the victims.

The Compass Center for victims of domestic violence in Sioux Falls says members of law enforcement are not immune from abusive relationships.

"When the perpetrator is someone in law enforcement it makes it much more difficult for a survivor to tell their story," The Compass Center Director Michelle Markgraf said. "The person that they report to is often the friend of the perpetrator and it is sometimes difficult for them to tell their friends that this is going on."

Markgraf said if someone is afraid to report abuse directly to law enforcement, the Compass Center can help. Give them a call at (605) 339-0116 if you are experiencing abuse or fear for the safety of you or your family.