Minnesota porch pirate leaves 'thank you note' after stealing package

Courtesy of St. Paul Police Department

St. Paul police say after a porch pirate stole someone's package, they left behind something unusual.

Police said the thief made off with the package from the doorstep of a St. Paul home Thursday.

On the note, the thief wrote "Thank you for the opportunity of stealing your package. The note was signed "The new owner of your package."

In a Tweet Friday, St. Paul police called porch pirates the "the scourge of the holiday season, creeping around neighborhoods at all hours of the day, tip-toeing up to homes, stealing packages that don’t belong to them."

St. Paul police put off several tips to help combat porch pirates:

- Require a signature for delivery;
- Have your package delivered to a trusted neighbor who’s home;
- Have your package delivered to your work address;
- Have your package delivered to an Amazon locker;
- Have your package delivered to a neighborhood store; and
- Look into the many innovative apps that allow delivery people to leave packages in your home or vehicle.