Miracle's mission to raise money to end childhood hunger in Vermillion

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VERMILLION, S.D. (KSFY) - Little Miss South Dakota through the PageantDoor organization is raising money for children in Vermillion. Her goal is to raise more than $50,000 before August 21st.

Many eight-year-olds are hitting the pool or playground this summer with friends and family. But, one Vermillion girl is doing something a little different. Miracle Webb is going door-to-door selling popcorn and candles to raise money for Vermillion Public Schools' Angel Program. She also has set up a GoFundMe page, as well.

The program gives money for school lunches, the backpack program, bus fares, or health care items.

Miracle was crowned Little Miss South Dakota 2019 in PagentDoor's competition. Girls write an essay on a specific topic; Miracle's was ending childhood hunger. But, she didn't just stop after writing the piece; she is now in the process of raising all of those funds.

"Miracle came up with them," Terri Webb, Miracle's mom, said. "So, with the ending childhood hunger or the school lunches, she wanted to do something with Ending Childhood Hunger. I think it's because she goes to school and then the kids, so she combined those two and came up with the lunches."

"Some kids you have to pay money at your school all the time and some kids don't get dinner at home," Miracle Webb, Little Miss South Dakota 2019, said. "And this will help with parents so that they can buy stuff that the kids need."

Vermillion School District's food pantry called Tananger Take-Out sees 80-100 families a week, year-round.

"Like every community, students in Vermillion face hunger issues outside of school, and this is one way our community binds together to promote that," Damon Alvey, Vermillion Public Schools superintendent, said.

The school district has more than 300 students and nearly half of the students take part in the Angel Program. And for those who help with the program, they are glad Miracle is raising money.

"It's amazing to know that a young person is recognizing that there's this need and wanting to help solve this issue," Kelly Stone, Vermillion Backpack Program coordinator, said. "And I think it is great that she is doing this and willing to reach out. And I think it sets a great role model for other students, too, and other children in our district."

Miracle's GoFundMe page is listedhere, and she also has one other fundraiser happening next week at Pizza Hut in Vermillion on July 24th where 20% of the proceeds will go towards her campaign.

The national competition will be next year in Orlando, Flordia, June 25th through the 28th.