Missing dog found safe in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) A dog missing for nearly a week in Sioux Falls is back with its owner.

Mandy Klinkhammer of Omaha, Nebraska, was visiting her parents in Sioux Falls on Christmas Eve when her boxer Lola ran out of the garage. That set off a frantic search to find the 1-year-old dog during a frigid South Dakota winter.

A Facebook group called "Looking for Lola" sprang up a few days later. By New Year's Eve it had over 6,000 members coordinating search parties and sharing sightings.

Lola was found huddled under a tree on Sunday.

Klinkhammer says a veterinarian checked out Lola and despite being outside in the snow and cold, the dog looks great and showed no signs of frostbite.

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