Mitchell City Council approves fireworks ordinance changes

MITCHELL, S.D. (KSFY) - In Mitchell, several restrictions have been lifted and modified by city council to the fireworks and explosives ordinance.

The new ordinance will give more freedom to the people of Mitchell to use novelty fireworks throughout the city.

This new modification to the city's age old ordinance that was changed by the city council is getting some good feedback from the people of the city.

The main purpose for changing this was so the people could enjoy and light certain fireworks throughout the town during the fourth of July.
Just last year more fireworks were allowed out by Lake Mitchell, but with these new changes the council has extended that to a certain extent of the city.

Just two years ago the city didn't allow fireworks within the city at all, a total ban was enforced.

"It’s kind of the main purpose of the new ordinance was to update our past ordinance which was a little bit behind the times I would say and to allow certain fireworks to be used in town during the fourth of July," Mitchell City Attorney, Justin Johnson said.

The modified changes at Monday’s meeting was approved by the council unanimously.
With these changes people will be able to use novelty fireworks within the city, but they can't be loud or used recklessly.

Those novelty fireworks include party poppers, snappers, sparklers and anything else that would be safe in the city.

The City Attorney Justin Johnson said that last year’s fourth of July was really successful with firework use so they wanted to open it up for the rest of the town to participate other than just out at the lake.

The city will be taking the time to talk with retailers on what a firework is and what can and cannot be used. This will help educate the public so all can continue to enjoy these new freedoms.

"If people are using them do we really need an ordinance in place to prevent them from doing it when it can be done in a safe and efficient manner,” Johnson said.

The only type of fireworks that will be sold within the city are those novelty fireworks and the rest will have to be purchased elsewhere.