Mitchell: new modifications to city's fireworks ordinance

MITCHELL, S.D. (KSFY) - Several restrictions have been lifted or modified by the Mitchell City Council to the fireworks and explosives ordinance.

The new ordinance will give more freedom to use fireworks throughout the city. Mitchell's City Attorney Justin Johnson said it changes an age-old ordinance.

People in Mitchell will now be able to light certain fireworks throughout the town during the fourth of July.

Last year, more fireworks were allowed out by Lake Mitchell but with these new changes, the council has extended that to within city limits.

Two years ago, the city didn't allow any fireworks in town.

"It's kind of the main purpose of the new ordinance was to update our past ordinance which was a little bit behind the times I would say and to allow certain fireworks to be used in town during the fourth of July," Johnson said.

The changes were approved unanimously by the city council.

Fireworks will be allowed on July 3-4 in Mitchell.