Mitchell reconstruction project expected to be complete by deadline

MITCHELL, S.D. - The construction on Burr Street north of I-90 started back in April, and the project engineer with the South Dakota Department of Transportation said it's expected to be done on time. The reconstruction includes about a one mile stretch on Burr Street from I-90 to Havens Avenue.

Drivers can expect the orange cones to disappear on Burr Street the middle of November. Workers poured concrete on the last portion of the road Monday, which was the southbound lanes. They will now work on the curbs and gutters and tie in the intersections.

"It's a complex project, and it always has some issues that we have to work through," Rick Brandner, a project engineer with the South Dakota Department of Transportation said. "But as far as the project's been going, everything is going well, and we're trying to maintain our schedule of November 17th."

The lanes on Burr Street aren't being widened but rather the four existing lanes are just being reconstructed. New traffic signals and sidewalks are also being put in. This is just the first part of the project though. In 2018, the south portion of I-90 on Burr Street will be worked on. It will have a very similar timeline of the first portion with construction starting in April and a deadline to finish in November. In 2019, workers will have to do pavement markings on the road just for a short time.

Brandner is encouraging drivers to be patient during the construction process and to obey the signs, watch out for the workers, and slow down.