Mitchell recovering from winter blast

Mitchell, S.D. (KSFY) - The Mitchell area felt the brunt of another winter storm with strong winds and blowing snow creating white out conditions. Cleanup got underway first thing Tuesday morning in Mitchell as the snow was still falling and many said they’ll keep at it as the next round of fast accumulating snow falls.

“I knew what was going to happen. I was going to have to start shoveling. I’m not excited about it. I’d rather not have to do it, but it has to be done,” Mitchell resident, Urban Schoenfelder said.

“We’ve been really busy actually. It started yesterday afternoon already and pretty much been running around the clock 24 hours,” Mitchell Street and Sanitation Superintendent Kevin Roth said.

Crews have been hard at work cleaning up the latest round of snow, but yesterday's white-out conditions sent many of them back in.

“It was zero visibility in many areas. You simply could not move because you could not see and there’s no reason to have any traffic out there if you can’t see,” South Dakota Highway Patrol Sergeant Robert Mayer said.

“We’ve had some accidents in the past because of visibility so we’re a little cautious about that. So yes we are very concerned with visibility. Even today the visibility’s not very good,” South Dakota Department of Transportation Mitchell Area Engineer, Jay Peppel said.

Many of the roads are now open, but using caution is best.

“If you don’t have to go anywhere, it’s probably best to just stay home today,” Roth said.

“Try to stay off it as much as we can because the conditions are not going to be good. They’re going to be very icy and very slow,” Peppel said.

Under much of the snow is a thick layer of ice so if you hit the road or are clearing your street, make sure you’re being careful. If you are caught on a closed interstate you will receive a $220 dollar fine and if a rescue mission is needed, there is a chance of civil penalties on top of that fine.