Monday at 10: Spot an online predator

(KSFY) - Facebook flat out bans convicted sex offenders from its platform, but as we found quickly and easily, there are convicted sex offenders across the U.S. still using the social network.

"Kids are very accessible to people who mean to do them harm, and so sometimes we see is that children and teenagers don't realize how vulnerable they are," Briana Valentino with S.C.A.N., or Stop Child Abuse Now, said.

You never know who is on the other side of the computer talking to your child.

Monday at 10 p.m., KSFY News will not only expose what is going on, we will give step-by-step advice from the experts on how to protect your children in the digital age.

Should they have their cell phones in their bedrooms at night? Do they know every person they are friends with on their social media apps?
Our KSFY News investigation is getting sex offenders removed from social media.

That's Monday at 10 p.m. only on KSFY News.