More delays coming for drivers on I-229 in Sioux Falls

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Sioux Falls, S.D. - We all know warmer weather means road construction and this year, that means a big project involving I-229 and 26th street.

Starting Thursday, drivers will notice even more delays.

"Anytime you have a busy interstate like 229, when you go down from two lanes to one lane, it’s just a problem," Sioux Falls city engineer Chad Huwe said.

For months drivers have been dealing with construction on 26th street and the I-229 interchange.

"26th street isn't wide enough," Huwe said. "The bridges aren't wide enough and then you have to stop for the train."

Once the project is complete all that will change and now the next phase of this big project is about to begin.

"So if you're south bound on 229, we've poured the new off ramp that will get you to 26th," Huwe said. "The next thing we have to do is pour the new on ramp that would get you from 26th to south bound I-229."

But, the closure of the outside lane going south bound on I-229 will make your daily commute even more challenging.

"It'll affect 229 through the 10th street interchange, possibly to the Rice street interchange," Huwe said.

That can mean taking alternative routes.

Huwe said if you're planning on traveling southbound, you have a lot of different options depending on where you are trying to go.

"57th street or Arrowhead Parkway or things like that or if you are just passing through the city, I would maybe take I-90 over to 29 and then go south because it does get pretty backed up and pretty congested," Huwe said.

Huwe said Sycamore, 10th street, and Cliff Avenue are also good alternate routes.

"Pay attention," Huwe said. "Slow down. Be patient and in a couple years we are going to be celebrating this great improvement."

Huwe said concrete will be poured on Friday and if everything goes according to plan, the 2nd lane will be back open by Monday.

The completion date for the I-229 and 26th street interchange project is set for November of 2020.