More women asking for raises, getting them, experts weigh in

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A new report in the Wall Street Journal says women are asking for raises and promotions just as much as men are -- and they're getting them. But there's a catch ...

The study, a partnership between McKinsey and Company and, surveyed 70,000 workers and found that women who ask for raises are more likely be given feedback that they're "bossy," "aggressive," and even "intimidating."

But local experts say there are ways to get the raise you deserve and avoid those labels.

"Do your homework, check out the industry, make sure you know what you're worth," said Laurie Knutson, CEO for EmBe for Women.

Knutson said, the best time to negotiate is when you're first offered a job.

"That's your best time to negotiate and set the tone for where you're gonna head with your career and some of your expectations just do that right up front so there are no surprises," Knutson said.

If you're already in a position and trying to move up or ask for a raise in a job, you should let your boss know what you bring to the table and talk about it more than once.

"Don't make it a surprise don't make it an aggressive demanding kind of thing, bring the information make it factual," said Knutson.

"Not many people can be great on the fly in the moment, especially if emotions are heightened," said Lisa Kuzman, a life coach.

Because women tend to go about having these types of conversations differently than men.

"A lot of these kinds of conversations are happening in social terms and when we have the conversation with our boss if it's with a male, we're not in the gym with him or on the golf course, we're sitting across the desk," said Knutson.

When you are ready to request a raise or a promotion -- leaders said it's important to document it.

"Really track your successes, write them down, keep a file folder of successes -- whether that is a compliment -- a note card you received or an email you received -- you can print it out and put in that folder," said Maureen Ohm, Sioux Falls Business and Professional Women's Professional Development Coordinate. "Or whether it was a sale that you made that was significant. don't let that be forgotten."

The key to asking for a raise ...

"It's so important to actually make the ask, because if we don't ask we'll never know what the answer is," said Kuzman. "And I think we're so worried about being seen as whatever is that we're worried that we're gonna be pigeon-holed as, that we end up not asking at all."

If you're still not sure where to start ...

"We have many resources here in the Sioux Falls area for women to start building themselves up," said Ohm.

Two of those resources, EmBe for Women and Sioux Falls Business and Professional Women both have upcoming opportunities.

The deadline to apply for EmBe's Women's Leadership program is Oct. 26 and BPW is hosting a luncheon development series monthly for the next five months.

We have links to both under "related links"